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Grants Management/Funding

  • Organizational Strategic Funding Plans
  • Grant Funding Search Services
  • Grant Proposal Writing/Development
  • Grant Proposal Review/Edit/Consultation
  • Ongoing Grants Support (monthly retainer program)

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Project and Program Management Services

  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Results/Optimization

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Business Management & Administration Consulting

In response to our customer's needs, we have developed three standard consulting programs that address very important areas of any business

  • the Comprehensive Business Health Audit,
  • Business Evaluation, Strategy & Planning
  • Business Productivity & Efficiency.  

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Three Capital BCS Signature Consulting Programs - Covering the core components of

any successful business.

Standard programs plus fully customized services available.  No project too large or small.

In response to our customer's needs, we have developed three standard consulting programs

that address very important areas of any business - (1) the Comprehensive Business Health

Audit, (2) Business Evaluation, Strategy & Planning and (3) Business Productivity &

Efficiency.  Each program is extremely versatile, giving our clients the ability to pick and choose

program components that exactly address their needs and budget.  Capital BCS is not only here to provide you with plans and theory to improve your business, but can partner with you through full implementation, follow-up reporting and monitoring. 

(1) The Comprehensive Business Health Audit Program - A Must For Every Small/Medium Sized Business

  • Identify Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats
  • Develop A Realistic Plan To Adjust To Changes In The Economy
  • Plan Now For Your Business' Long-Term Health and Stability
  • Investigate Ways To Reduce Costs and Increase Business

The Comprehensive Business Health Audit covers the seven critical functions of a business: 

  • basic planning,
  • general bookkeeping and accounting practices,
  • financial planning and loan/debt management,
  • sales and marketing,
  • advertising and promotion,
  • personnel, and
  • production. 

In a healthy and financially sound business, these seven functional areas are in balance.  This audit was created using the results of case studies/reports, evidence gathered, logical procedures identified, and expert advice from several major U.S. business support organizations (business institutes, business development centers, etc.).  Contact Us for complete program details and pricing.

(2) The Business Evaluation, Strategy & Planning Program -  
Big Picture Management For Businesses Or Departments Of Any Size and Structure.
Are You Structured To Succeed Long Term?  
How are you systematically adjusting to the slowing economy? 

This program puts small/medium sized businesses, as well as corporate offices/divisions, on a strong foundation to compete and excel today and into the future.  Our free initial business analysis will help us work together to select the right program components to include in your project – completely tailored to address your immediate challenges.

Typical components for this program can include:

  • Defined goals/objectives (multi-year, with keys to success)
  • Business structure (ownership and responsibilities)
  • Human resources planning (job functions, sourcing plan, employee development, training needs)
  • Detailed health analysis performed for special projects, product/service lines, and committees/workgroups.
  • Marketing plan (review, analysis, documentation and recommendations)
  • Distribution of resources / financial planning (budget/forecasts/monthly financials, etc.)
  • Business tracking and reporting automation tools review
  • Risk management review (policies/procedures in place, contingency plans,options, etc.)
  • Understanding of industry/competition (part of your business and marketing plans?)
  • Reporting, strategic thinking, and communications (formal meetings, reports, tools, mgmt/staff; weekly/monthly, etc.; basically, what can a company do to stay focused, identify needs, and make adjustments along the way to keep ahead of their competitors).

(3) The Business Productivity & Efficiency Program - 
Analyzing and Adjusting Select Business Components That Significantly Effect Your Bottom Line.

Analyses, recommendations and improvement implementations to select business components that effect the company's or department's efficiency and overall success.  Whereas the Business Evaluation, Strategy & Planning Program focuses on structure, strategic planning and proper alignment of resources, this
program focuses on program/department efficiency, policies, procedures, best practices, operations and
information/knowledge management. 

Typical components for this program can include:

  • Major project/business line/office/committee/workgroup – Evaluation Checklist (are they performing as intended, and if not how can it be quickly remedied).
  • Financial monitoring / tracking (general review)
  • Office automation analysis
  • Resources review / (skills vs responsibilities, value produced vs expectations, etc.)
  • Six month business reviews (analyze business, what worked/didn’t, ratios, marketing strategies, customer review,staff reviews, reward good work and customers, etc.)
  • Information and knowledge management utilization (tools, getting what you need?, etc.)
  • Customer management (customer service, identify customer types, most profitable customers, retention, etc.)
  • Synergy within the business (understanding, resources across lines of business, cross-sales opportunities, etc.)
  • Policy/procedure review, process documentation and analysis
  • Identification and application of best practices and benchmarking
  • Project management (be it cradle to grave, project planning and kickoff, or entering to evaluate project performance and right the ship).


Development > Implementation > Monitoring > Results Optimization

Capital BCS Consulting provides strategic advice and direct workforce support to help

organizations reach their goals through the accomplishment of one-time projects and

ongoing programs.  This includes:

  • Identifying needs and justifying concepts
  • Developing realistic project/program plans with associated resources and timelines
  • Establishing monitoring and reporting policies/procedures that optimize performance outcomes while meeting all compliance standards
  • Assisting with organizational change and new training requirements
  • Implementing the use of best practices, lessons learned, and shared communications among project/program staff
  • Supervising and mentoring staff

Examples of Actual Project and Program Work Experience Include:

  • Trained staff in standard project management skills and in the use of tracking and reporting software.
  • Developed a stand-alone project review methodology marketed to the public.  The product provided users with reminders of best practices in project management that they could quickly apply to everyday work (reducing project risks while increasing project outcomes).
  • Ran the U.S. Department of Commerce’s indirect cost rate review and approval program.  Saved the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars (documented) by reviewing and correcting inefficient/ineffective business practices within the program.
  • Worked with a consulting team to develop “balanced scorecard” performance metrics for agency-wide use.
  • Developed “education/certification” staff skills program requirements outline for agency-wide use.
  • Wrote and justified a five year strategic department plan which was approved by the governing Council and agency management.
  • Regularly lead teams of professionals at different organizations and physical locations in the requirements, writing and submission of funding proposals (both grant and contract).
  • Managed the financial and reporting requirements of research and development projects where staff and/or funding were provided by organizations located outside of the U.S.
  • Developed the complete project plan for an organization to receive official FDA approval for new medical device testing.Type your paragraph here.


Organizational Strategic Funding Plans (all sources of funding) 

The following three typical steps are found in our strategic funding plan services:

  1. Determine the best funding model for the organization’s short and long-term success. 
  2. Develop the official funding plan, with reviews and approvals from Management.
  3. Conduct a customized search for funding sources that match the strategic mission and project goals.  This may include searching multiple sources for federal, state and local government programs, as well as foundation, private, and for-profit financial support opportunities. 

Grant Funding Searches

We conduct a customized search for grant funding sources that match our client’s strategic mission and project goals.  This may include searching multiple sources for federal, state and local government programs, as well as foundation and private funders.  A list of potential funding sources is presented for client review, and letters of intent developed as required.

Grant Proposal Writing/Development 

Our process begins with interviews and information gathering to obtain an excellent understanding of the client’s organization and the concept of projects/programs for which funding is being sought.

Next we make sure that the client is generally positioned, resourced and compatible with the funder’s grant program(s).

We facilitate a group meeting with key proposal contributors to walk through proposal requirements, develop the proposal work plan, and identify both existing resources and challenges.

With ongoing collaboration with client staff, we compile all required proposal information and draft documents for client review and approval.  The budget and timelines are created and incorporated, and all proposal components are developed as specifically required by the grant-making organization’s guidelines.

After proposal has been finalized, will provide submission and follow-up consulting support throughout the funder’s review and approval process.

Two Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you guarantee funding and provide your past funding success statistics so that we can see how that can guarantee us success? 

     This is a big misconception within the grant writing industry.  No grant writer can guarantee funding success, and their past history of funding success cannot directly transfer from one organization to another to provide equal success.  Given the complexity of components that contribute to a funded proposal, the grant writer can only guarantee that applicable deadlines will be met and a thorough, professional well-written document will be created within funder guidelines.  Many factors are outside of the grant writer’s control:  existing organizational structure, weaknesses and resources; having proper staff in place (including the effectiveness of the board of directors); past project management success; and the level of competition with the funding round of the submission.  Don’t let these factors discourage you, but understand that a grant writer that tells you they get funded 80% of the time cannot guarantee the exact same results for your organization.

Do you work on contingency?  We don’t have any resources to pay for grant services without receiving a grant first. 

      Grants are very rarely meant to be an organization’s first or primary source of funding – so this typically translates into not being the best time for an organization to pursue grant funding using outside grant writing services.  Funders do not approve grants that include money for proposal development, so using grant funds for paying a grant writer would be unethical.  We strictly work on a fee for service basis, either by the hour or by the project completed.

Grant Proposal Review/Edit/Consultation 

We can also review and evaluate your grant proposal, drafted by internal staff, prior to its submission.  We will make sure the proposal completely complies with funder requirements, offer suggestions and critique, help expand or focus narratives, and consult/team with company proposal staff as required.  Will also take previously developed proposals and adapt to similar new funding opportunities.

Retainer Services 

For added value/savings to our clients who are looking for ongoing grants services, we also provide services on a retainer basis.  Use of our retainer services is meant to reduce the higher expenses associated with hiring, providing space and supporting a direct employee. Retainer services may include:  ongoing prospect searches for program needs; strategic planning and prioritization of funding requests; writing interim and year end grantee reports; writing and submitting new proposals, and consulting work to optimize internal grants management processes and procedures.  A monthly Work Summary Report is provided to your organization that details work completed and hours of effort required.  The hourly pricing under our retainer agreement is lower than the Standard Pricing quoted above.  We will work with you hand-in-hand to structure the retainer agreement to meet your ongoing needs at flexible reduced rates.