Special Projects & Support

Featured Services - Grants Management

Digital Marketing

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  • Website SEO/Ranking
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Design/Optimization
  • SSL Security Certifications

Our Advantages - How We Contribute

  1.  Strategic funding plans
  2.  Funding searches matching organizational goals
  3.  Grant proposal planning and writing
  4.  Project management services
  5.  Ongoing grants administration
  6.  Policy and procedure development/documentation
  7.  New process training and implementation
  8.  Grants compliance, risk reviews, recommendations
  9.  Subaward policies, procedures, implementation
  10.  Staff training (group or individual)
  11.  Business case justifications and studies
  12.  Expert industry or office advice; external review

Grants Management

  • Extensive experience on both sides of the funding equation (grantor and grantee!)
  • Former Federal Agency Grants Management Division Director (Grantor)
  • Former National Non-Profit Grants Office Director (Grantee)

Funding Sources

Grant Proposals

Bringing Global Knowledge

to Local Industry

Capital BCS

Consulting, LLC

Technical Writing

  •  Federal and private proposal submissions, cradle to grave
  • Organization-wide policies and procedures, training materials, best practices, project requirements, etc.
  • Business plans and justification papers.

Post Award Compliance


Solutions and implementation

  1.  Provide missing expertise
  2.  Identify risks/problems
  3.  Supplement your workforce
  4.  Act as project manager
  5.  Provide needed objectivity
  6.  Fix the inefficient/unproductive
  7.  Bring new life and ideas
  8.  Justify a needed project
  9.  Influence the right people
  10. Do your 'dirty work' - layoffs, collections, etc.
  11. Get your projects/initiatives back on track
  12. Adjust your business to meet changes in the economy