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Richard P. Franetzki - Experienced Project/Program Manager

Development > Implementation > Monitoring > Results Optimization

Capital BCS Consulting provides strategic advice and direct workforce support to help organizations reach their goals through the accomplishment of one-time projects and ongoing programs.  This includes:

  • Identifying needs and justifying concepts
  • Developing realistic project/program plans with associated resources and timelines
  • Establishing monitoring and reporting policies/procedures that optimize performance outcomes while meeting all compliance standards
  • Assisting with organizational change and new training requirements
  • Implementing the use of best practices, lessons learned, and shared communications among project/program staff
  • Supervising and mentoring staff

Examples of Actual Mr. Franetzki's Project and Program Work Experience Include:
  • Trained staff in standard project management skills and in the use of tracking and reporting software.
  • Developed a stand-alone project review methodology marketed to the public.  The product provided users with reminders of best practices in project management that they could quickly apply to everyday work (reducing project risks while increasing project outcomes).

  • Ran the U.S. Department of Commerce’s indirect cost rate review and approval program.  Saved the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars (documented) by reviewing and correcting inefficient/ineffective business practices within the program.

  • Worked with a consulting team to develop “balanced scorecard” performance metrics for agency-wide use.

  • Developed “education/certification” staff skills program requirements outline for agency-wide use.

  • Wrote and justified a five year strategic department plan which was approved by the governing Council and agency management.

  • Regularly lead teams of professionals at different organizations and physical locations in the requirements, writing and submission of funding proposals (both grant and contract).

  • Managed the financial and reporting requirements of research and development projects where staff and/or funding were provided by organizations located outside of the U.S.

  • Developed the complete project plan for an organization to receive official FDA approval for new medical device testing.


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