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  -- Grants/Contracts Management
  -- Project/Program Management
  -- Business Administration/Strategy
  -- Proposal/Business Writing

Specializing In

 1) GRANTS / CONTRACTS (Cradle to Grave): ==> Full Details Page
Former Federal Agency Grants Management Division Director (Grantor).
     Former National Non-Profit Grants Office Director (Grantee).
     Expert in Financial Assistance Administration, Policies, Procedures, Systems, etc.
     Funding Opportunity Searches, Proposal Writing, Funding Strategies.
     Grants Management Training and Consultation.

 2) PROJECT / PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: ==> Full Details Page
Development and Implementation of Organization-Wide or Office Projects. 
          Examples Include:  Balanced Scorecard Development, Education/Certification
                                         Program, Creation or Update of Policy/Procedure Manuals, etc.
     Program Compliance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Performance Optimization.
     Establishment of Strong Communication Channels Internally and Externally.
     Capture and Ongoing Use of Best Practices.
==> Full Details Page
Business Strategy, Planning and Optimization. 
     Budget Development, Monitoring, and Reporting.
     Department/Office Administration (Determining Resource Requirements, Management of
           Staff, Performance Reviews, Team Building, Communications, Creation of Productive
           Office Culture, and Brainstorming Solutions to Unexpected Events)
     Risk Management at Project, Office and Position Levels.

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Examples of How We Contribute:

 1.  Provide missing expertise
 2.  Identify risks/problems
 3.  Supplement your workforce
 4.  Act as project manager
 5.  Provide needed objectivity
 6.  Fix the inefficient/unproductive
 7.  Bring new life and ideas
 8.  Justify a needed project
 9.  Influence the right people
10.  Do your 'dirty work' - layoffs, collections, etc.
11.  Get your projects/initiatives back on track
12.  Adjust your business to meet changes in the economy

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